Europeans enjoy their bacon as much as Americans, but the meat is considerably different from that in the States. Citizens of the United Kingdom delight in “rasher,” air-cured bacon from the animal’s loin. While American bacon is usually served in crispy strips, rasher comes in chewy, thick, round pieces. 2 мар. 2018 г.

Can you get American bacon in UK?

American-style bacon is readily available in the UK, but it is known as “streaky bacon” due to the streaks of fat running along it.

Is bacon different in Europe?

American bacon is crispy, slightly thin, and streaked with fat, giving it saltiness, moisture, and crispiness. European bacon is thicker and is known as rashers. This type of bacon is larger and chewier and often served in round, rectangular, or oblong slices.

What do they call bacon in Europe?

Back bacon is the most common form in the UK and Ireland, and is the usual meaning of the plain term “bacon”. A thin slice of bacon is known as a rasher; about 70% of bacon is sold as rashers. Heavily trimmed back cuts which consist of just the eye of meat, known as a medallion, are also available.

Is bacon available in Germany?

US-North American style bacon (streaky) is available in most grocery stores in Germany.

Where does Bacon come from in Europe?

The most common bacon on both sides of the Atlantic comes from the pork belly and is cured and smoked. In Germany, it is cured with salt, then cold-smoked with beechwood (predominantly) and air dried.

Can You Buy British bacon in the United States?

You can find British bacon in the United States if you look for a package labeled back bacon, but British bacon is technically not bacon here in America. Disgruntled Brits can take it up with the U.S.D.A.

Do you prefer American bacon or European Bacon?

I don’t know about the European kind, but ours is tasty. It’s not always burned, and never rubbery, if it is. a fine idea for a new website, a taste imgur. American bacon is crunchier. I’m gonna be that person, and say that European bacon is way better. My favorite is Hungarian Slab. I prefer the taste and texture of American-style bacon.

What is the difference between Canadian bacon and American bacon?

Canadian bacon, or back bacon, is cut from the loin whereas US bacon is cut from the pork belly. British bacon is, I believe, also from the loin. Back bacon is generally much leaner than pork belly and the resulting meat is more tender and juicy rather than crispy.