Choose Pristine Buds Stalks should be plump and firm, and tips should be tightly closed. Color can be green, purple, or white, depending on the variety. Make sure the color is not faded. A good grocer will chill asparagus or store it standing upright in cold, fresh water. 2 февр. 2021 г. Best Fertilizer for Asparagus Our Top Pick Miracle-Gro Water Soluble 4 . VIEW ON AMAZON → Down to Earth Seabird Guano Mix 3.5 x 8 . VIEW ON AMAZON → Southern Ag Granular Fertilizer 10.51 x . VIEW ON AMAZON → мар. 8 2022Green asparagus is also higher in vitamin K and vitamin A, purple asparagus is highest in antioxidants, whereas white asparagus, although lowest in antioxidants, has shown anticancer activity in animal studies.

Which asparagus is best?

The vegetable’s fiber is slightly more concentrated in thinner spears. Since thick and thin spears are both good bets, choose the size that best suits your cooking method. Thicker stalks are better for broiling and roasting because they will stand up to the intense dry heat that would quickly shrivel skinnier spears.

What is the most tender asparagus?

“In reality, spears that are larger than a half-inch in diameter are more tender and higher in soluble fiber and vitamins than the thinner spears.” Ferretti says two market trends might be responsible for the increasing interest in thinner spears.

How to pick the freshest asparagus?

Here are some tips to help you pick the freshest of the bunch. Fresh asparagus stalks are firm, straight and smooth. They should be a rich green color with a small amount of white at the bottom of the spear. A dull green hue and wrinkles in the stems are an indication of old age.

What is the best fertilizer for asparagus?

Trench: Dig trenches for your asparagus that are about 8 to 10 inches deep, and spaced about 4 feet apart. Fertilizer: Spread a phosphorus fertilizer in the bottom of the trench. A 0-20-0 fertilizer is ideal (the numbers and dashes describe the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, respectively, in a fertilizer).

What is the difference between purple and green asparagus?

Purple – Purple asparagus is a different variety altogether. It derives its color from high levels of antioxidants in the stalks and has a lower fiber content than the green or white variety. This distinction makes purple asparagus tenderer and sweeter tasting.

What is the best way to prepare white asparagus?

White asparagus is usually more effort to prepare as the woody outer stem needs to be peeled off; however, some outlets sell white asparagus ready-peeled and ready-to-cook. Ask if it is not obvious when purchasing. Thanks! Avoid sandy stalks.