The best way to trim asparagus is also the most obvious way: with a chef’s knife and cutting board.Line up all of the spears in a row and slice off the ends all at once. You should cut right where the stalks turn from white into green. How Do You Pick Asparagus So It Keeps Growing? You should only harvest after the first two years of growth.In the third year, you can harvest for 6 weeks every few days.After the third year you can increase your harvesting to 8 weeks.Using a sharp knife, cut each stem an inch beneath the surface of the soil.Make sure you harvest all the stems, even the smaller ones, to.More .

What part of asparagus do you cut off?

Using a large chef’s knife, slice off the bottom tough parts of the stalks just where the color turns from white to green. Repeat with the other half of the stalks. And that’s it: you’ve got asparagus that’s ready to be used in any recipe!

Should asparagus be cut or snapped?

The thicker the spear, the more pronounced the difference when snapped. THE BOTTOM LINE: You’ll throw away more asparagus if you snap off the ends, and the spears won’t look as long and elegant. For many reasons, we think trimming and peeling is worth the effort.

How do you cut asparagus before cooking?

How to Trim Asparagus1Here’s a step by step breakdown of what to do: … 2Pick up one stalk and hold it in the middle and at the end. … 3Bend the stalk until it snaps. … 4Line up the tip of that stalk with the tips of the remaining stalks. … 5Slice off the ends of the remaining stalks so they’re flush with the snapped stalk.How to Trim Asparagus | Cooking School | Food Network

How do you break up asparagus?

Simply take the end of the asparagus between your thumb and forefinger and bend until it breaks. Lest you think we are belaboring such an obvious point, let us say that the fun in this is that the asparagus automatically breaks just where the woody part ends and the fresh, juicy asparagus begins.

Should you snap or trim your asparagus?

Asparagus that’s inedible or incinerated is more grocery money that’s just thrown away. If buying thicker stalks, picking out the freshest asparagus possible is probably more important than deciding whether you want to snap or trim spears. The older asparagus gets, the more it turns woody and fibrous.

How do you harvest asparagus?

To harvest asparagus, cut or snap it just above the soil surface. Don’t cut the spears below the soil surface, which can damage the roots and make the plants more susceptible to disease. Harvest asparagus first thing in the morning when the plants are cool. Asparagus is highly perishable. Immediately plunge cut spears in ice water.

Do you have to peel the base off asparagus?

Luckily, there’s a pretty easy way to know where to cut off the base of your springy spears. While some people advocate peeling the stem ends with a vegetable peeler, we find that this technique takes a while, doesn’t fully eradicate woodiness and leaves the ends of the asparagus stalks an unappealing lighter green color.