30 авг. 2019 г. · Always start with a clean, dry wok. The wok should be very hot and lightly smoking before you add the oil. · More often than not, the entire stir .

Do you put oil in wok for stir fry?

Put a small amount of oil (1-2 tablespoons) in your wok. You won’t typically need much oil – you’re stir frying, not deep frying. At this point, you’ll also want to add any seasoning and/or spices you’re using in your dish.

What are the steps to stir frying?

How to Stir-Fry: A Step-by-Step Guide1Step 1: The Wok. A wok is best for stir-fries because its shape keeps the food moving. … 2Step 2: Hard Veggies. Start with the hard vegetables like carrots and broccoli. … 3Step 3: Softer Veggies. … 4Step 4: Liquid. … 5Step 5: Fresh Stir-Fry.How to Stir-Fry: A Step-by-Step Guide – Food Network

Why do you cook stir fry in a wok?

A wok should be used instead of a frying pan because it is made up of carbon steel, it cooks quickly, and helps to stir-fry the food with less oil. The curved and round shape of a wok ensures that the cooked food is less oily. A wok also has a larger capacity to cook food compared to a frying pan.

How much should stir fry be in a wok?

A good rule of thumb: your stir-fry should occupy no more than a third of the total volume of your wok. If all the ingredients were to be flattened into the bottom of the wok, they should be, at most, halfway up the height of the wok. Use high smoke point oils. Avoid using any cooking oil that can’t take high heat.

How do you get set up for stir fry?

Get Set to Stir – Fry in 3 Steps Step 1: Wok and Roll. A wok is the classic stir – fry pan. Step 2: Gather Your Ingredients. The most important step in stir – frying is prepping all the ingredients before you fire up the wok. Step 3: Fast and Furious Frying.

How to make stir fry with vegetables?

Making a Basic Stir Fry Dish Prepare your meat or protein by cutting it into thin strips. Prepare your vegetables as needed. Heat up your pan or wok. Put a small amount of oil (1-2 tablespoons) in your wok. Add your meat, stirring frequently. Add slow-cooking vegetables next. Add faster-cooking vegetables last.

What is Chinese stir fry?

Stir fry (sometimes hyphenated as “stir-fry”) is a Chinese cooking style dating back over 1500 years that involves the quick, high-heat cooking of meat and/or vegetables in oil using a smooth metal pan or bowl (traditionally, a wok).