Choose Pristine Buds Stalks should be plump and firm, and tips should be tightly closed. Color can be green, purple, or white, depending on the variety. Make sure the color is not faded. A good grocer will chill asparagus or store it standing upright in cold, fresh water. 2 февр. 2021 г.

Which asparagus is best?

The vegetable’s fiber is slightly more concentrated in thinner spears. Since thick and thin spears are both good bets, choose the size that best suits your cooking method. Thicker stalks are better for broiling and roasting because they will stand up to the intense dry heat that would quickly shrivel skinnier spears.

What is the most tender asparagus?

“In reality, spears that are larger than a half-inch in diameter are more tender and higher in soluble fiber and vitamins than the thinner spears.” Ferretti says two market trends might be responsible for the increasing interest in thinner spears.

Is purple asparagus better than green?

Purple asparagus has a sweeter taste than the more familiar green type and is best used in salads and other raw preparations because it loses its unique color when cooked.

How can you tell if asparagus is Woody?

The closer to the tip of the asparagus, the more tender the flesh. At the other end is the “woody” end. Some place in between is the “natural breaking point”, the spot where the tender flesh magically separates from the woody end.

How to pick the freshest asparagus?

Here are some tips to help you pick the freshest of the bunch. Fresh asparagus stalks are firm, straight and smooth. They should be a rich green color with a small amount of white at the bottom of the spear. A dull green hue and wrinkles in the stems are an indication of old age.

Is it better to snap the ends of asparagus?

But when it comes to local asparagus—such as you would find at your farmers’ market, they will vary in size. In this case, the shorter, wider asparagus will be just as tender and sweet as the tall spears. Snapping the ends results in too much waste.

What is the difference between purple and green asparagus?

Purple – Purple asparagus is a different variety altogether. It derives its color from high levels of antioxidants in the stalks and has a lower fiber content than the green or white variety. This distinction makes purple asparagus tenderer and sweeter tasting.

When is the best time to eat asparagus?

You’ll find the best asparagus during spring. Asparagus season usually starts around late February and goes clear until June, but the peak is in April. Here, we give you a primer on the myriad ways to cook it to its utmost potential!