If you’re cooking the pork tenderloin over medium heat, it’ll take about 30 minutes when wrapped in foil. What is this? That’s right! In just 30 minutes, you have tender juicy pork and and, flavorful potatoes!

Should you wrap a pork loin on the grill?

Move to indirect heat if the tenderloin starts to char too much, and continue to cook until it reaches the correct internal temperature, about 18 minutes total cook time. Wrap and rest the tenderloin. Remove the tenderloin from the grill to a clean cutting board and tent loosely with aluminum foil.

Should I cover pork loin with foil when cooking?

If you notice any over-browning, you can cover it with foil. Just make sure that you do not then cover it for the final blast in high heat. For the above recipe, the roast is NEVER covered when it is in the oven. It is only covered during the resting time in between its two visits to the oven.

How long do you cook a pork tenderloin wrapped in foil on the grill?

Place the foil packet over high heat on the grill; about 425 degrees F. Cook for 25 to 30 minutes, turning, until internal temperature of pork reaches at least 150 degrees F. Remove from grill and let stand a few minutes. Open up the packet and serve.

How do you keep pork tenderloin from drying out on the grill?

Marinades work by breaking down the muscle fibers and connective tissue in meat which tenderizes is and also allows it to better retain moisture. For pork tenderloin, mix up your favorite marinade recipe and pour it over the meat and then let it hang out, covered, in the fridge for at least 4 hours or up to 24 hours.

Should you wrap pork loin in foil when smoking?

However, many people like to wrap their pork loin in foil when they smoke it to help retain moisture. Doing this forces the pork loin to steam in its juices, intensifying the pork flavor. Once your pork loin has reached your desired temperature, you should then cover it with foil and rest before serving.

How to cook a pork loin roast on the grill?

Place the pork loin on a sheet of tin foil and gently wrap the tin foil around the whole pork loin roast. Put the pork loin roast on the grill over direct heat. Cover the grill and allow it to cook for 15 minutes. Flip the pork loin roast over using heavy oven gloves and cook it for an additional 15 minutes on the other side over direct heat.

How to cook pork tenderloin in aluminum foil?

Place pork tenderloin on the center of piece of aluminum foil and season with salt and pepper. Top with vegetables, garlic salt, cumin and drizzle of olive oil. Bring the two sides of the foil up to meet at the center, folding down twice.

Can you smoke pork tenderloin?

Pork loin is one of the tastiest meat cuts to use with smoking. By smoking your pork tenderloin, you give it an added depth of flavor for your tastebuds to appreciate. However, if you’ve never smoked pork tenderloin before, it can be a confusing endeavor. How do you smoke your pork loin? What’s the best way to smoke your pork loin?