How to freeze asparagus To blanch the asparagus, bring a pan of water to the boil. . Pop the asparagus into the boiling water and blanch for about 2-4 minutes, depending on the size. . Once drained and patted dry, lay the asparagus on a tray and freeze until frozen solid.

Can you freeze asparagus without blanching it first?

Asparagus needs to be blanched before freezing, to preserve the color and texture. Without blanching, frozen asparagus will be duller in color and flavor, and won’t have a crisp texture.

Can you freeze fresh raw asparagus?

Yes, you can. Consider preserving this nutrient-dense vegetable. It’s not difficult, and freezing asparagus keeps that one-of-a-kind flavor in season and on your table no matter the market price. On the flip side, frozen spears pack all the flavor you know and love.

How do you keep asparagus from getting soggy when frozen?

Pro TIPS FOR COOKING FROZEN Asparagus1Fully preheat the oven. It is so tempting to start cooking while the oven is preheating, but doing so will give you soft veggies.2Preheat the pan and oil. … 3Don’t crowd the pan! … 4Add shredded cheese (Parmesan, asiago, and gruyere are favorites) in the last 3 minutes of roasting.How to Cook Frozen Asparagus

How long do you blanch asparagus for?

How long to blanch asparagus? About 3 minutes, depending on thickness, until just crisp tender. Blanch thin spears for up to 2 ½ minutes and thick spears for around to 4 minutes. Plunge into an ice bath.

Can you freeze fresh blanched asparagus?

2 Ways to Freeze Blanched Asparagus The simplest way is to place the blanched, chilled and drained asparagus spears or pieces in freezer bags or containers, label with the date and freeze. If you want the asparagus spears or pieces to remain loose and not stick together (so that you can take out just what you need), flash freeze them first.

What is the best way to dry asparagus?

Drain and pat completely dry with a clean kitchen towel. Cut the dried asparagus into 1- to 2-inch pieces, depending on how you plan to cook them afterward. If you want to get fancy, cut the spears on a diagonal.

What is the best way to store asparagus?

Store your fresh asparagus in the refrigerator, standing up in a container with the bottoms of the stalks in about 1 inch of water, as advised by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. Are You Getting Enough Fruits and Veggies?

Can You vacuum seal asparagus?

Yes, you can also preserve asparagus with the vacuum sealing method. In this method, a sealer is used to empty air from custom cut bags, creating an airtight seal. This means that you don’t have to blanch your asparagus. [ v]